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How to Tackle Your Home’s Messiest Areas


Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to try and keep your home more organized? Are you finding that difficult when you live in a small home or live with family members who don’t have the same resolutions as you? There are many small changes you can make to your home to help you stay calm and organized in 2020, but if you’re not a construction expert, you might want to get help.¬†At Mike Love Construction, not only do we do home remodels, we help with smaller interior design projects to help make your house a home. Here’s how you can maximize your space without breaking the bank:

  • Install taller windows to let in more light – The more light you bring into a living space, the larger it’s going to look. Newly renovated bedroom with window
  • Install floor to ceiling bookshelves – You can store books, knick-knacks, and any other things your family may collect or need to store right in plain sight without looking messy.Floor to Ceiling Bookshelf
  • Add a wrap-around porch or patio area – This is an easy addition to any home and gives you space to relax without feeling cramped.Wrap Around Porch
  • Get rid of any unnecessary, non-load-bearing walls – This will open up the floor plan and give you more space for group activities (If you’re not quite ready to part with the idea of walls separating your home, you can try out curtains, sliding walls, room dividers, or even glass walls to get a feel for the space without an entire wall blocking things off).Sliding Room Door
  • Add a loft – Lofts can be added anywhere in your home for extra hangout space or storage options. It can even double as a guest bed if you entertain often. Lofted bedroom/office space
  • Use the empty spaces under your stairs by installing functional closet space or organizers for whatever extra things you may not have found a place for. You can even get options with doors to hide your stuff from visitors. This idea also works with other small nooks and crannies in your home, such as shelving units behind tubs, bookshelves situated around doorframes, and mirrors that double as cabinets. The opportunities are endless.Under Stairs Storage Area with drawers
  • Install a breakfast bar area – Instead of taking up your whole kitchen area with a large table, why not install a smaller bar? This option fits easily in any window well or against a wall and works just as easily. You can even choose options that fold up against the wall to save space when you’re not eating. Breakfast Bar in a nook

You might be able to do these projects yourself, but chances are you live a busy life and things can get complicated quickly. We want you to spend quality time with your family and not worrying about a project. If you need more inspiration for how to organize your home, check out these tiny houses across the country. Trust Mike Love to make the little updates that make your house a home by calling us today!