Remodeled kitchen with view of marble counter tops, stove, and cabinets

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Mike Love has proudly revamped homes in the Wichita area since 1994. If you are thinking about doing a home remodel, whether you want to focus on one room or the entire house, we can help. Our experienced professionals will meet with you to develop a design and work plan that encapsulates exactly what you want.

Where Should Our Home Remodeling Contractors Start on Your Home?

A home remodel is a big job to take on, even if you’re not the one doing the remodeling. Homes get run down and outdated over time, so you’ll likely want to make changes. Maybe your family has grown and you no longer have the space to fit everyone. No matter your reasoning, you still have to decide what parts of your home you’d like to fix and how to organize your budget. We can help with all of that. All you have to do is make a list of the rooms you would like to change and outline the things you’d like to focus on, whether it’s changing entire light fixtures, taking out a wall, or redoing the flooring. We can remodel any room in your home when provided with all the details of your dream remodel.

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Home Remodeling For All Budgets

For some, home remodeling can mean a full facelift, while others may just be looking for a new fixture or appliance. We’re the experts in home remodeling, so we can easily give you a range of prices for the work you plan to do and the design you want to follow. Some of the popular types of home remodeling we provide include:

  • Replace flooring
  • Paint inside walls
  • Add cabinets, closets, shelving
  • Take out walls
  • Install extra counter space, sinks, interior doors
  • Install new light fixtures
  • Completely change the interior design with furniture, wall art, etc.
  • Replace/add new appliances to a room

Our highly trained professionals will always be able to best advise you on whether your remodel dreams are possible or if there need to be modifications for safety and utility. Don’t try to do a remodel by yourself. You’re more likely to waste money and damage your home rather than get the dream home you’ve always wanted. It’s always better to let a professional handle these tougher jobs.

Do any of the following apply to you?

You like your home’s size, but you don’t like the look or feel.

You’re running out of room in certain areas of your home and want more space for your family to grow.

You can’t afford a new, fully decorated home, but can afford to make some changes to your current one.

If you said yes to any of the above, you should consider a home remodel!

Choose Mike Love As Your Trusted Home Remodeling Company

You can trust that the professionals at Mike Love Construction will listen to your vision for your home and do their best to recreate that for you. Your home is where you spend the majority of your time. You want it to reflect your personality and fit your family comfortably. We can help you make incredible changes to any part of your home, from the attic to the basement. Don’t waste hours of your time and huge chunks of money trying to remodel your home yourself. Trust a professional. All of our experts are highly trained in the field and want you to have the home of your dreams. If you’ve been dreaming of a new home but don’t want to move, call Mike Love Construction today for a free estimate and consultation or check out our previous home remodeling projects below.

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