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Need Some Design Ideas Before You Build Your New Garage?


Here at Mike Love Construction, we know a thing or two about building garages. We’ve built quite a few garages since 1994 and keep up with current trends. Are you thinking of rebuilding your garage? Maybe you’re in the process of building a new home and need a beautiful new garage to go with it? We can help you plan by assessing your needs and design preferences. Continue reading to learn more about some of the most popular garage designs below!

What Kinds of Garages Can We Build?

  1. 1, 2, 3, or 4+ Car Garages – We know that many families drive more than one car and as your children grow into driving age, you may have more cars you need to store. We have experience building everything from 1 to 4 car garages and more. Depending on the space available, we can help you find a garage solution that protects all cars from the elements. Nobody needs to park on the street.
  2. Carport Garages – Many people have found that a hybrid garage situation that combines a traditional garage with a carport is very effective for all their storage needs. Not only do they have the benefits of an enclosed garage, but carports are quick & easy to build, can be attached or detached to the home or garage, and can be used as an outdoor patio area if needed. You can store things there that don’t need to be protected from the elements as well.
  3. Drive Through Garages – Sometimes you have to store large equipment and vehicles in your garage. When this happens, you could benefit from a drive-through garage. You won’t have to worry about backing out and trying to maneuver the vehicle down a small driveway, you can just drive right through.
  4. Apartment or Loft Garages – As your family grows or as your living needs change, you may find yourself wishing you had more space. An easy way to add on to your home without having to have a lot of extra space is by building an apartment or loft above your garage. You’ll be able to keep the same open lawn space while gaining more living space. You can also rent out this space to make a little extra money.
  5. Boat or RV Storage – Even though boats and RVs are made for outdoor activities, they’ll have a longer life span if they’re stored indoors away from damaging weather conditions. We can help you build a garage with storage spaces large enough for whatever size RV or boat you own.
  6. Storage Space Garages –  We know you’re probably thinking, “Don’t all garages have storage space?”  The short answer is yes, but not every garage has the storage space you really want or need. At Mike Love Construction, we can help you create a spacious garage with plenty of storage areas for all your indoor or outdoor decorations, garden and lawn supplies, your cars, and more.
  7. Workshop Garages – We know that many of you have jobs or hobbies that require workshop space. Whether you’re a carpenter, artist, woodworker, or metalworker, we can help. We create beautiful garages that have all the functionality of a regular garage with the added benefits of fully-functional workshop space. Not only will you be able to store all your work gear, you’ll be able to work on a project as well.

Choose Mike Love Construction

You can’t beat our level of experience and attention to detail when it comes to building garages. If you still need help deciding on the type of garage you want to build, contact one of our professional design experts today. We can help draft your vision so that you can visualize the final product before it’s even built. Give us a call today to get started!