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Need Shower Remodeling Ideas For Your Home?


It can be tricky to remodel a home, especially when you’ve had one design for so long, you don’t even know what’s popular anymore. However, if you’re looking for a new style in your home, Mike Love Construction can help. The following are some tips and tricks to finding the perfect style of shower for your home and personal style.

What To Look For When Remodeling Your Shower

  1. Don’t fall for quick trends – Everyone may really seem to like bright colors in their shower all of a sudden or maybe they’re really into dark earth tones, but you don’t have to follow suit. You have to think of the color schemes already present in your home and base your shower off of that. You may really like these colors now, but in 10 years those colors could really date your space and make it hard to sell in the future.
  2. Keep Shower Space in Mind – With today’s technology, there are all sorts of shapes your shower can be besides a simple square or rectangle. You can choose from walk-in options, curved options, styles that open on both ends, spacious options or options that fit in a small corner. It truly is up to you how you want your bathroom to be laid out and most remodeling companies can work with you to determine the best idea for your home.
  3. Shower Doors are a Design Must – An easy way to make your home look modern and timeless while also keeping an open floor plan in your bathroom is by including transparent shower doors. You can add metal or stained glass elements for a more personal touch, but shower doors can truly transform a space.
  4. Maximize Your Shower Space – Finding space for all your soap can be a struggle in your shower. It doesn’t have to be. You can maximize your shower space without carving into the rest of the room by creating extra niches inside the shower. These little cutout spaces are perfect for housing your shower essentials and keeping clutter at bay. They also allow you to express yourself a little bit more with a pop of color or patterned tile.
  5. Remember Your Lighting – Your bathroom probably doesn’t have a lot of natural light so it’s important to keep in mind what kind of lighting you’re looking for at different times of the day. You probably want brighter light to help wake you up in the morning and softer light at night before you go to bed, but you’ll also want the lighting to highlight the best features of your bathroom. In today’s world, there are so many wonderful lighting options, from mood lighting within your shower head to gentle spotlights spaced throughout for a more spa-like feel. Most importantly, your lighting should reflect your personal vision for your home.

Chose Mike Love Construction

A new shower can make you feel like a new person. Get rid of your old, outdated, and dirty shower and find something you truly love. Your bathroom is your sanctuary, whether you want an at-home spa feel or a simply functional space. Our team of designers will help you decide on the perfect shower option while our builders will make it a reality. We want you to be satisfied with every part of your home, with no exceptions. Call our team today to get started on your shower remodel and receive a free quote!