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How To Decorate Your Home With Plants


There’s a lot of information and opinions out there on how to decorate a home. One year, hardwood floors are in style, another year tile floors are in. Maybe stripes are in this year but next year it’s solid colors. Things in the design world change a lot from month to month and year to year. As a homeowner, it can be hard to keep up. You want to be aware of all the new trends so that your home doesn’t become outdated, especially if you’re planning on selling later.

To avoid this problem in your home, you’ll want something timeless, yet fresh. Something that stays fresh and can be changed easily. That something is plants. Whether it’s flowers or succulents, plants are very popular and easy to handle.

Using Plants In The Home

If you’ve always loved planting and growing things but tend to limit your greenery to a vase on the table or out in the garden, you’re missing out on serious design points in your home. Not only can plants brighten a room, but they’re also better for your health and can be stored out of the way if you’re short on space. Depending on what kind of plant you choose, it may also give your home a nice, natural scent. Plants vary in size, shape, and color, meaning you can put them almost anywhere without disrupting the flow of a room. All you have to do is remember to water them regularly or choose fake options for less maintenance.

Design With Plants

Plants come in a variety of colors, shapes, styles, and sizes, so it’s a good idea to play with levels. If you have a hanging plant, you can utilize benches or stools to elevate your plants without taking up a lot of space. This brings the plant more into view and houseguests will be more likely to notice them. You can also put hanging plants in a window to keep them out of the way but still give the room a natural feel.

Set Plants on Corner Shelves or Bookshelves

If you have a cluttered bookshelf or corner shelf that seems flat or uninspired, try putting a potted plant there. Not only will that draw the eye in with a pop of color, but it can double as a bookend for your books or other knick-knacks. You can even pick a long plant that will grow off the end and hang down to provide a different look. If you’re more into the look of succulents, try grouping several small options to give dimension to the shelf.

Make a Tiered Plant Ledge

Have a window you don’t look out of very often or want to create a small privacy shield against the neighbors? Try making a tiered plant ledge in your window. If you have a kitchen window above your sink or nearby area, this is perfect. The natural sunlight coming in through the window will help the plants grow faster and you’ll have easy access to any herbs if you choose to plant them in your tiered garden. This brightens any kitchen and adds a fun element to cooking dinner every night.

Grow Plants Vertically

Are you tired of the same old paintings and want something new? Try potting your plants on the wall. There are many small succulent options that can fit in smaller pots designed to fit on your walls. Just like hanging pictures, you can group the plants in a number of different patterns and change it up whenever you get tired of the last one.

Decorated Plant Pots

Not only do plants create a bright new look for your room, but the pots they come in can as well. All you need is some paint and a paintbrush and you can decorate your pots to your exact liking. Color coordinate with a specific room or choose different materials like aluminum or plastic to match your individual style.

Trust Mike Love Construction

If you like any of these ideas or have a bigger interior design project in mind, contact Mike Love Construction. We can help you with every detail of your remodel or design project, from painting to installing shelves to knocking down walls and more. We’ve got you covered. To check out more of what we can do for your home, visit our project photo gallery, services offered, or give us a call today!